Attendance Setup

Helps you in adding multiple location’s details and Mapping the employees to their respective attendance mode. The following video will explain the steps to add multiple location’s GPS, IP, Fixed device details, as well as mapping the employee to their respective attendance mode.

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Notes :

  • GPS – can be given to a Roaming Employee and the Actual Punch In location can be identified.
  • IP  – can be given to the employee who is allowed to register attendance only within the office location.
  • Geo-Fence Radius should be entered in meters.
  • Public Static IP Address should be entered for IP-based Attendance.
  • While grouping the employees with the attendance, a Location-based option can be used to restrict the employees to register attendance in a specific location (if you have multiple locations added).
  • Further queries?, Refer FAQs or chat with us.
  • All red ’*’ fields are mandatory fields.

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